AltaProud Program

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Your loyalty, now better rewarded.

AltaProud was created to reward, automatically and on a regular basis, our most loyal participants. Your satisfaction is our priority: our new program will give you access to some new and exclusive advantages.
Opt for winning behaviors and collect AltaPoints. Once you’ve collected enough points, you will be given the status of Savvy or Expert ambassador with access to exclusive privileges.

We must inform you that the loyalty program will be on hold. This will not affect your accumulated points or your Ambassador status.

On-study reserved spots – to be applied from now on only by calling the call center, based on availability.

We understand that this situation may present some inconvenience, but rest assured that we are working hard and looking forward to resume the AltaProud program in order to give you access to exclusive benefits.

AltaProud Ambassadors and their Privileges

To become a AltaProud ambassador, you need to meet two criteria :

Reach a minimum number of points

To have done a study in the past three months

10,000 points
income supplement for volunteers
18,000 points
pharmaceutical testing participant

The Savvy Ambassador

10,000 pointsand to have done a study in the past three months
  • On-study reserved spots*
  • Exclusive access to AltaProud studies

The Expert Ambassador

18,000 pointsand to have done a study in the past three months
  • On-study reserved spots *
  • Priority phone line, accessible through a code, it will moves calls to the front of the line
  • Dedicated screening nurse which will allow to complete the screening process for standard studies in less than 90 minutes **
  • First and second medical exams in one visit
  • Exclusive access to AltaProud studies
  • The option to bring a friend with you on-study

In order to apply these perks, you need to contact the call center.
Perks are subject to availability.

Participate in a study

The AltaProud status

Your status might be put on hold if the following conditions are not respected; you will have to participate in a study to get it back.

Your status might be put on hold if :

  • You test positive for drugs or alcohol
  • You don’t show up for a medical exam without providing notice
  • You don’t check-in for a study without providing notice

Alta reserves the right to take a Savvy or Expert ambassador status back permanently, at any time and without notice.

The AltaProud details

*On-study reserved spots are not applicable to anyone who requires a medical re-test.
** Studies requiring special tests might take longer.

The following participants will continue to receive some benefits of AltaProud without having achieved either Expert or Savvy: postmenopausal women, participants over sixty year’s old and patients.

CONTACT: for any additional question, please contact us at