Study Module - Ajax Study Detail


Gender: Male

Smoking habit: Non / Ex-smoker only

Pot smoking

Age: 18 - 55 years old


BMI : 18.00 - 30.00

Food restrictions : Fed

Clinic stay

  • 13 Jul (17:00) to 31 Jul (10:00)

Return visits

  • 3 Aug (08:00)
  • 6 Aug (08:00)
  • 10 Aug (11:00)
  • 16 Aug (11:00)

Participants must be available to stay at our clinic for all of the dates listed above and/or in the notes below. All clinic stays and return visits are mandatory. Times are subject to change.

Medication type

Is being developed for the treatment of
different autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Phase 1 study.
Medication: Multiple dose
12 hours fasting before medical exam. Don’t forget it’s important to drink lots of water prior to your medical exam. Fasting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep hydrated!
Participants who have participated in a clinical study in the last 12 weeks are not eligible.
You must be able to eat bacon.
Participants will remain in a semi-reclined/supine position for at least eight hours after taking the medication.
Blood volume: male 426ml (42 blood draws).
Your medical history and/or medication intake history may affect your participation on this study.
Please note that we are testing for drugs and alcohol during the medical evaluation.

This is preliminary information and changes could occur without notice