Study Module - Ajax Study Detail


Gender: Male and Female

Smoking habit: Smoker or non-smoker

Pot smoking

Age: 18 - years old


Participants must be available to stay at our clinic for all of the dates listed above and/or in the notes below. All clinic stays and return visits are mandatory. Times are subject to change.


Altasciences is currently looking for patients who suffer from hepatic impairment to participate in a future study in Montreal.
Several appointments for the screening visit are available.
Sign up and we will call you back.
You may only sign up if you have answered 'yes' to any of the below questions:
- Have you been diagnosed with any liver disease?
- Have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis?
- Have you been diagnosed with hepatitis B or hepatitis C?
You will receive $100 for completing the medical exam.

This is preliminary information and changes could occur without notice