Covid-19 (coronavirus)

In relation with the evolution of Covid-19 , Altasciences wants to reassure you that we are taking preventative measures to protect the people we come into contact with every day, whether it be our employees, or participants.

Our priority is the health and well-being of all people who come to our sites, with that being said, we would like to validate certain information with you before coming to screening or the clinic.

1. Have you traveled outside of Quebec in the past 14 days?
2. Have you been in contact with a family member or another person who has been outside of Quebec in the past 30 days?
3. Do you currently have symptoms related to the coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and or taste)?
4. Have you been in contact with a family member or another person currently diagnosed with or having symptoms of the coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and or taste)?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, please contact our recruiting department to discuss & reschedule your appointment.

Please note that these questions will also be asked to all participants who come physically to our clinics without exception.

If you are over 60, you may be refused for study participation to avoid elevated health risks for this age group.

Preventive measures are also put in place at each stage of the process during participation in our clinical studies:

An initial reception/screening area will be designated close to participant entry points to limit contact with multiple individuals. In addition, a segregated area will be set up to allow symptomatic participants to be questioned apart from the rest of the groups, when necessary.

The body temperature of all volunteers will be measured as part of the admission process.

Any temperature > 99.0 F or 37.2 C will not be allowed admission to the clinic.

Anyone with any other symptoms which could be Covid-19 related will reviewed by an Investigator prior to allowing entry.

All travel questions will be re-asked and any travel outside of Quebec will be noted for review by the Investigator prior to entry.

COVID-19 Testing:
During the study, we will be testing for COVID-19, along with the study specific lab tests. Testing may occur during the screening process, at each check-in and at regular intervals throughout the study. The testing may involve a finger prick, an extra blood sample and/or a nasal swab collection.
If your results are positive, Altasciences will notify you of the results, along with information about how to proceed. You will need to contact the Public Health line and/or your primary care physician to discuss these results as they are not considered a diagnosis of illness.

If you have been tested by the Public Health Authorities in the past, please report it to us so that we can document your results in our system.

We count on your collaboration and understanding to keep a healthy environment. As such we will be increasing our health questioning and temperature screening while in-house. We are also taking measures to ensure a clean and safe environment for your stay, which includes limiting the number of people in any given area, and allowing sufficient space between seating and bed areas. You will be given personal protective equipment to wear, including a mask. You are required to wear the mask while interacting with staff and other participants. You are not required to wear it while sleeping.

Visitors to the site have been significantly restricted and the same entry criteria applies as participants. We work very hard to live up to the trust you have in us. We follow the directives that the authorities of Quebec and Canada apply to this subject and we invite you to do so too:

Due to the curfew imposed by the provincial government, we require that for all check-ins you be here before 7:30 PM. This applies to all study periods during your study. There will be no exceptions to this rule, our doors will close at precisely 7:30 PM.

Remember, if you have any of the symptoms, take the necessary measures and call the number set up by the government of Quebec 1-877-644-4545 and the government of Ontario 1-866-797- 0000.

These directives are subject to change, we invite you to regularly consult the updates published on the site.