What is a medical study? A helping hand for society.


The process of creating a medication, from its conception to finally reaching a pharmacy, is long. All medications that we use, whether occasionally, for a short amount of time, or every day, go through the process of clinical studies, which require the participation of volunteers.  At Altasciences, we often get asked the following questions: “Why participate in a clinical trial?”, “Why is it necessary?”, and “What do we get out of it?”

When a medicine is being developed, it is always because there is a need for it. Researchers create new medications to treat an illness, whether physical or mental, because the current treatment options are not effective. Clinical studies allow medications to advance and help improve a person’s health, like those battling cancer, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses.

A study may also be held to test generic medications, which are technically medications that are already available. Developing generic medications allows for these to become more affordable and accessible for people who need regular treatments. Your pharmacist may offer you the generic version of a certain medication which is less expensive than the original version but just as effective. When you next go to a pharmacy, compare the prices of the house brand version of acetaphetamine and the most popular brand, Tylenol. You will see the difference. For the lucky, healthy ones, who only take the occasional pill, you may not notice the financial gain. For those, however, whose health depends on these pills, the price can make a big difference. The financial burden is often heavier when one’s health is affected.

All of these societal benefits and scientific advancements would not be possible were it not for the devotion of the people who take part in clinical studies. Along with a sense of pride, our participants may also receive an allowance. This allows them to pay down a debt, or take a long-awaited trip, or any other activity which would not otherwise be financially accessible.

Our participants include autonomous and remote workers who may take part in studies from time to time to offer a certain financial security or to help make ends meet. Others are students who use their free time or flex job schedule to participate in a study. You can bring your computer which means you can keep working and not miss a beat!

In the end, everyone has their own reasons for opening a file and completing a study. What do our participants have in common? They are proud to participate in a clinical study and to contribute to the advancement of medicine and science. Medical research would not be what it is today without the willingness and dedication of the volunteers.

We have prepared several articles which explain the process of a clinical study at Altasciences. We have separated the articles into 3 parts: one before the trial, one during and one after. Discover how to become a participant, what determines the indemnity on any given study, what to expect day-to-day during the study, blood tests and side effects, our bonus program and more!